Posted by: Desiree Bisiani | February 8, 2010

Ambiance completes the redesign of Second Style Island

You may recall that back in January we linked to the announcement that Ambiance had been selected by Second Style Magazine to do the redesign of their sim, Second Style Island (formerly LeZoo).   We were honored and thrilled to be chosen for this project and and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with both HeatherDawn Cohen and Felicity Blumenthal of Second Style while spending the last month immersed in the creative and construction process

The new Island is now home to the Second Style Headquarters, over 35 stores, movie theater, cafe, and a beautiful park setting including lake, dock, picnic area and many posing spots for picture taking.  Ambiance is also so pleased to be included in the list of stores now able to call Second Style Island home with our newest Satellite Location located on the Western side of the Island.   The official Grand Opening takes place this coming Friday, February 12th and we hope you’ll join us for a day of festivities.

From the Second Style Magazine Blog:

“We are planning to host a grand re-opening on February 12th.  The day will be full of gifts to shoppers at the sim and a special 2 hour party with DJ in the evening.  We now have an in-world group and hope you join to keep updated.  We will periodically be sending out random gifts to members!  Just search groups for Second Style Island.”

See below for photos as well as a link to the Second Style Magazine featuring the new Island design.

Click above to take a peek at the Second Style Magazine featuring the redesign.

Second Style Headquarters

From an entry way...

The Roxie Movie Theater

From the Moda Cafe...

The Park

Stormy skies

Stormy skies

Across the park

Across the park


  1. It looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to go and check it out.

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