Posted by: Desiree Bisiani | February 6, 2010

AMBIANCE in “Spruce Up Your Space”!

We are so pleased to be participating in the new “Spruce Up Your Space” events! Please see below for more details…

HoneyLicious Spaces is ecstatic to announce a new unique monthly shopping event – Spruce Up Your Space!

Each month, a group of Second Life’s best furniture/decor designers will be joining together to help you Spruce Up Your Space! Here’s how it goes:
– First weekend of the month – we’ll announce that month’s theme!
– Second weekend – a group of our participating designers will release new items for the theme. For that weekend only, the items will be available at special discounted prices!
– Third weekend – the next group of designers will release their new themed items, and again, for that weekend only, you can grab the new stuff at discounted prices!
– Fourth weekend – the final group of designers will release their items at sale prices, for that weekend only!

Keep your eyes on the blogs for updates each weekend on the designers and locations, and you can join our in-world group to get update notices! Search Groups for ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ – membership is free!

HoneyLicious Spaces is a co-op venture between MudHoney, La’Licious Designs, and Second Spaces. The star-studded roster of designers selected to participate in the debut includes some of SL’s best, such as
The Loft
Barnesworth Anubis
Belle Belle

… and many more! We hope to continue to add talented and creative designers in the coming months, so look for more awesome contributors in the future!

And now, February’s debut: this month’s Spruce Up Your Space theme is ‘Cupid’s House’! Our designers have been asked to come up with their vision of Cupid’s interior — any room, any style, any item! Our first group of releases will be out on February 13th – don’t miss it, they’ll only be available at the special discount prices for that weekend! See ya then!

Look for the Spruce Up Your Space kiosk at our Main Store.

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